Something overlooked in scripting is the value of logging your result. Typically when most system administrators write something in PowerShell they are attempting to achieve a desired result. When the desired result is achieved, why log the steps taken? Furthermore, why bother when we have tools like: Write-Verbose Write-Error Write-Output Write-Information Write-Host Start-Transcript All of […]

VSCode offers an unimaginable amount of customization, and I recently wrote a blog post on my blog ( listing out my favorite VSCode extensions. One of those extensions – “ToDo Tree” – requires a little more configuration than just clicking install. What is ToDo Tree Before we deal with how to install one of my […]

I think every admin who works with PowerShell has one folder on their desktop, or somewhere labeled “Stuff”. Inside are a bunch of tiny PowerShell scripts or maybe something they wrote to do a specific thing. PowerShell has a pretty awesome feature though. A feature not a lot of people use called PowerShell DOT sourcing. […]