Before we head into why your organization needs MDM (Mobile Device Management) I will explain a few abbreviations and perceptions. These will be of importance for this post, and for your EMM journey. EMM = Enterprise Mobility Management. It’s a very wide area. It includes everything that you can configure, protect, install and report on […]

Over the last month, I have had the pleasure of delivering two new Truesec-developed courses! One focusing on Microsoft 365 Security and the other focusing on Microsoft Intune. This blog post will present these two new offerings and explain why they are more relevant than ever. I will also share my view on delivering online […]

Recent work with a customer revealed a strange issue with Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager. After a short while the agent stopped working, as in Software Center would still load for the end user, but it would not show anything. Nor would user and machine policy work. When I started troubleshooting and tried simple things […]

With the release of ConfigMgr Technical Preview 1912, the ability to quickly collect log files for specific devices is now available. While there were several ways of doing this in the past, we now can perform the action using native tools, without scripts or third-party add-ons. Now if we could only do this during deployment […]