Would you like to earn millions of dollars? The LockBit 2.0 ransomware are now trying to recruit insiders – and there is no reason to believe that your company wouldn’t be targeted. The global competitive framework has changed significantly: hybrid warfare with methods like infiltration and espionage will be an imminent threat against the strategic environment for the foreseeable future. To counter these new threats, we need to mirror the attackers and their methods.

Vad är egentligen ett red team-test och varför behöver man göra det i sin organisation? Här reder vi ut begreppet red teaming – en sorts ”etisk hacking”. Målet är att identifiera en organisations sårbarheter för cyberattacker.

Over the last few years, the battle against Ransomware has resulted in many companies and organizations investing in their backup solutions to restore their environment if it gets encrypted Unfortunately, that’s no longer enough. The threat actors modus operandi has adapted and changed to those protections, and they now also using blackmail to get more money with ransom notes exceeding USD 50M. The ransom note […]

Sometimes, things just do not work out as planned. Last week’s Truesec Tech Talk was one of those things. We are sorry that some of our viewers did experience technical difficulties connecting – and that our demos did not play accordingly. We have investigated the issues and are working closely with the platform provider to […]

Yes that it is true. The high severity vulnerability identified by CVE-2020-1350, reported here, affects all versions of Windows DNS Server from 2003 to 2020 and since DNS servers are usually Domain Controllers, that results in obtaining Domain Admin privileges. SIGRed is a wormable vulnerability with a CVSSv3 score of 10.0, the highest, and triggered by […]