Why your organization needs MDM to protect what matters

29 Jun 2020 in Infrastructure

Before we head into why your organization needs MDM (Mobile Device Management) I will explain a few abbreviations and perceptions. These will be of importance for this post, and for your EMM journey. EMM = Enterprise Mobility Management. It’s a very wide area. It includes everything that you can configure, protect, install and report on […]

PowerShell – Logging

25 Jun 2020 in Infrastructure

Something overlooked in scripting is the value of logging your result. Typically when most system administrators write something in PowerShell they are attempting to achieve a desired result. When the desired result is achieved, why log the steps taken? Furthermore, why bother when we have tools like: Write-Verbose Write-Error Write-Output Write-Information Write-Host Start-Transcript All of […]

C# to PowerShell: Finale

22 Jun 2020 in Infrastructure

Welcome to the third and final C# to PowerShell article. These articles aren’t meant as full tutorials, merely a peek in to some of the changes you will experience moving from C# to PowerShell . I saved the best for last I promise you. .NET in PowerShell Yes, you read that correctly. You can access […]

Choosing a Windows release branch

05 Jun 2020 in Infrastructure

Windows 10 was first released back in 2015 and with it came two release branches. At the time of release, they where called Current Branch and Long Term Servicing Branch. Both of which later changed name to Semi Annual Channel (SAC) and Long Term Release Channel (LTSC) respectively. There is still debate online on if […]

C# to Powershell: Part2

27 May 2020 in Infrastructure

Welcome to Part 2 of my C# to PowerShell series where I talk about interesting things I’ve learned on my path from C# to PowerShell. This article will focus on Casing, Error Handling and some of the minor oddities that PowerShell has. Case Sensitivity Ok, I admit, the graphic above is probably overkill on the […]