Rasmus Grönlund

Rasmus is a cybersecurity expert focusing on security for organization’s central IT infrastructure. He is one of Truesec lead forensic investigators, responsible for leading and performing the necessary forensic activities in medium to large scale incident response engagements. Additionally, Rasmus also actively engages in proactive security testing, performing different types of advanced security assessments and Red Team engagements. Finally, Rasmus contributes to building the tools necessary to perform what is required in the many different tasks and challenges presented. Whenever possible, he also shares his knowledge through presentations, video recordings or other types of information sharing.

Posts by Rasmus Grönlund:

Tracking Microsoft Exchange Zero-Day ProxyLogon and HAFNIUM

This post contains information and data related to an on-going investigation of Microsoft Exchange Zero-Day ProxyLogon and associated vulnerabilities actively exploited and attributed to HAFNIUM. Any changes and edits made to this blog post will be noted at the top of the post. Update list 2021-03-08 16:29 CET – Added web shell details 2021-03-09 11:20 […]

07 Mar 2021 in Cyber Security&Infrastructure