Peter Löfgren

I am a positive, hands-on, consultant with a passion for innovation who thrives on opportunities to be on the cutting edge of technology. Splitting my time between trainings, workshops, and consulting has allowed me to gain unique insight and perspective for my clients. My 10+ years of expert Windows knowledge and experience allows me to guide my customers to achieve new client platforms. By using all new Microsoft technology, I help my customers build and maintain production solutions for years to come. Some of my notable accomplishments are: Being chosen to present at Tech Days Being a trusted advisor for US companies Deployed a new platform for a large bank in Sweden

Posts by Peter Löfgren:

RemoteApp and the missing OneDrive client

As more and more organizations are shifting to OneDrive and remote work, things like Remote Desktop Services and RemoteApps offer a great way of publishing applications without the need for VPN. It also offers a way of accessing applications without having them installed on your current device. There is however a common challenge with remote […]

10 Jul 2020 in Infrastructure

Choosing a Windows release branch

Windows 10 was first released back in 2015 and with it came two release branches. At the time of release, they where called Current Branch and Long Term Servicing Branch. Both of which later changed name to Semi Annual Channel (SAC) and Long Term Release Channel (LTSC) respectively. There is still debate online on if […]

05 Jun 2020 in Infrastructure

Recommended advanced audit logging

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post about the importance of logging in your environment. This is a follow up to that post showing more of how advanced audit logging should be configured. This is only a recommendation on a starting point. The general rule is you can never have to much […]

19 May 2020 in Infrastructure

Case of the non working MEMCM agent

Recent work with a customer revealed a strange issue with Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager. After a short while the agent stopped working, as in Software Center would still load for the end user, but it would not show anything. Nor would user and machine policy work. When I started troubleshooting and tried simple things […]

13 May 2020 in Infrastructure

Giving forensics a log trail to follow

Ransomware is targeting more and more organizations. As part of the Truesec incident response team one of the things we always see is the need to track down patient zero and be sure that no remnants of the threat actor is still active in the environment. To do this our team of cyber security forensics will use logs to follow the trail where ever it may lead.

17 Apr 2020 in Infrastructure