Tim Davis

I spent my career before Truesec ensuring small financial institutions could meet the demands of todays security standards. I realized that exposure was just the tip of the iceberg and the world of IT security had much more to teach me. I love troubleshooting, finding problems, and being able to bring them to a resolution. My true passion is programming. I spend my free time writing software for Eve Online and supporting existing deployments. I love learning new programming languages and seeing how I can use it at Truesec.

Posts by Tim Davis:

Getting Started with Microsoft Security Baselines

Ensuring your organization is secure has to start someplace. For most administrators this is a daunting task. Where do I start? What do I secure first? What would a Threat Actor look for? The sheer number of configuration capabilities in Windows Server and Windows 10 can make these questions hard to answer. This is where […]

12 May 2021 in Cyber Security

Invoke-WebRequest or Invoke-RestMethod?

So, you want to play with that shiny new ReST API you’ve discovered but in doing research on consuming ReST APIs with PowerShell you’ve discovered two different cmdlets. Which one do I use? Which one is best? These are the same questions I had about 8 months ago. Invoke-WebRequest The Invoke-WebRequest cmdlet sends HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and […]

29 Jul 2020 in Infrastructure

C# to PowerShell: Finale

Welcome to the third and final C# to PowerShell article. These articles aren’t meant as full tutorials, merely a peek in to some of the changes you will experience moving from C# to PowerShell . I saved the best for last I promise you. .NET in PowerShell Yes, you read that correctly. You can access […]

22 Jun 2020 in Infrastructure

C# to Powershell: Part2

Welcome to Part 2 of my C# to PowerShell series where I talk about interesting things I’ve learned on my path from C# to PowerShell. This article will focus on Casing, Error Handling and some of the minor oddities that PowerShell has. Case Sensitivity Ok, I admit, the graphic above is probably overkill on the […]

27 May 2020 in Infrastructure

C# to PowerShell an Introduction

I, like most C# developers, had heard about PowerShell since it came out. I originally shunned PowerShell as ‘just a scripting language’ and assumed it could never do what I could do with a custom C# tool. Over the past year I have learned how very wrong I was. In this article I will try […]

04 May 2020 in Infrastructure