Tim Davis

I spent my career before Truesec ensuring small financial institutions could meet the demands of todays security standards. I realized that exposure was just the tip of the iceberg and the world of IT security had much more to teach me. I love troubleshooting, finding problems, and being able to bring them to a resolution. My true passion is programming. I spend my free time writing software for Eve Online and supporting existing deployments. I love learning new programming languages and seeing how I can use it at Truesec.

Posts by Tim Davis:

Invoke-WebRequest or Invoke-RestMethod?

So, you want to play with that shiny new ReST API you’ve discovered but in doing research on consuming ReST APIs with PowerShell you’ve discovered two different cmdlets. Which one do I use? Which one is best? These are the same questions I had about 8 months ago. Invoke-WebRequest The Invoke-WebRequest cmdlet sends HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and […]

29 Jul 2020 in Infrastructure

C# to PowerShell: Finale

Welcome to the third and final C# to PowerShell article. These articles aren’t meant as full tutorials, merely a peek in to some of the changes you will experience moving from C# to PowerShell . I saved the best for last I promise you. .NET in PowerShell Yes, you read that correctly. You can access […]

22 Jun 2020 in Infrastructure

C# to Powershell: Part2

Welcome to Part 2 of my C# to PowerShell series where I talk about interesting things I’ve learned on my path from C# to PowerShell. This article will focus on Casing, Error Handling and some of the minor oddities that PowerShell has. Case Sensitivity Ok, I admit, the graphic above is probably overkill on the […]

27 May 2020 in Infrastructure

C# to PowerShell an Introduction

I, like most C# developers, had heard about PowerShell since it came out. I originally shunned PowerShell as ‘just a scripting language’ and assumed it could never do what I could do with a custom C# tool. Over the past year I have learned how very wrong I was. In this article I will try […]

04 May 2020 in Infrastructure

Introducing LAPS Web UI

Removal of Local Administrator rights is everyone’s favorite topic right? The conversation generally starts with, “It’s not possible, we need those rights” and ends with “Ok, we will try it but who do we contact when we need Local Administrator access?”. Most likely the answer is, contact support, but that could flood support depending on […]

22 Dec 2019 in Cyber Security&Infrastructure