Jordan Benzing

Jordan Benzing is a consultant for TrueSec and a Microsoft MVP. Jordan has spoken at several user groups including the TrueSec summit in Stockholm and the Midwestern Management Summit in Minneapolis, on subjects such as reporting, patching and that wonderful thing no one likes doing documentation. In the past Jordan has worked in several ConfigMgr environments including being the ConfigMgr team lead for an organization with 170K endpoints. Jordan is known for his "love" of patching, his PowerBI dashboard templates and various other contributions to the ConfigMgr community. When he’s not working you can usually find him hanging out on the summoners rift in League of Legends. Jordan has been playing since season one and helped out with beta testing the original gameplay.

Posts by Jordan Benzing:

PowerShell – Logging

Something overlooked in scripting is the value of logging your result. Typically when most system administrators write something in PowerShell they are attempting to achieve a desired result. When the desired result is achieved, why log the steps taken? Furthermore, why bother when we have tools like: Write-Verbose Write-Error Write-Output Write-Information Write-Host Start-Transcript All of […]

25 Jun 2020 in Infrastructure

MEMCM – Recovery

As a member of the Truesec incident team I frequently find myself recovering Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager (MEMCM). As the product has evolved over time so have the options for recovering the environment. In my time as a consultant I’ve seen Hyper-V replicas, SQL Always On, and VMWare snapshots defined as the MEMCM recovery […]

19 May 2020 in Infrastructure

Work from home like a Pro

Senior Isolated Remote Consultant Some of you might know I’ve been in the IT industry since 2009. Almost 11 years in the industry! However, you may or may not know I’ve been a 100% remote employee for almost six years in different industries including game design, health care, and consulting. After working from home for […]

17 Apr 2020 in Infrastructure

Configuring VSCode – ToDo Tree

VSCode offers an unimaginable amount of customization, and I recently wrote a blog post on my blog ( listing out my favorite VSCode extensions. One of those extensions – “ToDo Tree” – requires a little more configuration than just clicking install. What is ToDo Tree Before we deal with how to install one of my […]

22 Jan 2020 in Infrastructure

PowerShell Dot Sourcing

I think every admin who works with PowerShell has one folder on their desktop, or somewhere labeled “Stuff”. Inside are a bunch of tiny PowerShell scripts or maybe something they wrote to do a specific thing. PowerShell has a pretty awesome feature though. A feature not a lot of people use called PowerShell DOT sourcing. […]

07 Jun 2019 in Infrastructure