Sebastian Olsson

Sebastian is the technical lead of Truesec's Application Security team. He is passionate about making software secure by designing it well. Ideally in a way that actually boosts productivity and developer happiness. He often works with analyzing the security of customers’ software architecture and development life cycles and enjoys working in projects where security is a core requirement. Especially if that includes working on cryptography, secure communications, identities and distributed systems.

Posts by Sebastian Olsson:

Avoiding supply-chain attacks similar to SolarWinds Orion’s (SUNBURST)

Securing build servers and the development process as a whole is crucial to avoid becoming part of a software supply-chain attack. SUNBURST is a malware that was spread by breaching the build server for SolarWinds’ Orion product. Using threat modeling it is possible to identify mitigations to reduce the risk and improve the security of the development life-cycle.

07 Jan 2021 in Cyber Security&Secure Development